Shamanic retreat in Peru

Spend a month in the Rainforest with Amazon Shamans

Santuario Huishtin is a centre for health, healing and Shamanic study.  Enrique and his family host individuals and groups, for personalised retreats.  One can visit anytime of year but it’s best in the dry season.  The length of your stay is entirely up to you as Enrique charges per day.  All food and accomodation is provided and someone will meet you in the city to escort you safely through the jungle to this paradise retreat with it’s natural steam bath and hot tub.

Now, in collaboration with The Greenlight Foundation, every September a unique course in yoga/meditation and Shamanic retreat is available . The course focuses on cleansing the body of toxins and the mind of self limiting belief systems. We work on healing past traumas and preparing for the future.

The Course will be divided into 3 segments, each focusing on a different aspect of our being; the physical, the mental/emotional and the spiritual.  Each day there will be a morning yoga class, a midday workshop or activity and an evening meditation.  Towards the end of the course there will be an opportunity to do a very deep and personal silent retreat in a private and secluded shelter called a Tambo in the forest.

The yoga classes will be for all levels and focus on poses to enhance the focus of each part of the course.

The Midday workshops include:

  • Personal consultations with Enrique, resident Shaman/Curandero (healer) to discuss health issues, desired improvements and/or intentions
  • Personal consultations with Gopal Das including Tarot reading and healing sessions
  • Jungle trek led by Enrique who will point out sacred trees and medicinal plants also to harvest personal Dieta plants or tree medicines
  • Shamanic detox using forest herbs
  • Natural medicine cooking and preparation workshop
  • Tambo Building
  • Cob oven building
  • Energy Healing workshop
  • Insight into nutrition workshop
  • River boat ride to local Shipibo village

The Evening meditations will be different every day.  Some based on Buddhist practice, some on Vedic and others decidedly more Shamanic in nature.

The cost of the course will be around £2000 (this may go up or down a little depending on exchange rates) and will include all your food, accommodation and course fee. Travel to and from the retreat will have to be organised separately but booking as a group will save money so we will communicate about this closer to the time.